November 14, 2016



Is this Site run by Mitch?  We are a third party service that offers delivery of messages to Mitch.

How do Email services to Mitch work?  You send emails to the address [email protected].  You will receive notification when your message is processed and out for delivery.  We print your message out together with other customers, and we personally deliver the messages to Mitch.  We will send you a video or picture of the message being delivered along with a notification that the message has been delivered.

How do Text message services to Mitch work?  You send a text message using your cell phone to Mitch using 855-75-MITCH (64824).  Your text message will be forward to Mitch’s cell phone.

Will my Messages be Private?  No – other users may see your email and text messages if Mitch shares them. If you want to stop or unsubscribe from receiving return text messages, reply with a STOP or UNSUBSCRIBE message.

Do you guaranty that my messages will be read by Mitch?  When it comes to Mitch there are NO guarantees!